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This site hasn't been updated for some time.

After browsing my older works, see what I've been up to lately:

Interesting projects and new things to learn


Another year at TKK has passed and during the year I've worked on some great projects. After last summer's conference graphics for University of Helsinki, I've designed the visual identity for two other events. I'm also working again with our wonderful team at Nodeta, where we're working on a really interesting project (see flowdock.com for details and updates).

As a new thing for this summer, I've got to know jQuery, which seems really handy. Samples of past year's work can be found again on the bottom of this page or by visiting the category pages.

Updates after a busy summer


My first year of university studies has passed and I've spent my summer working for Nodeta, developing their newest Rails website. I also finished a couple of my bigger projects recently and visited Assembly '08 (which is really becoming a yearly habit to me). I've added four of my finished works to the website. You can see them in the bottom of this page or in their respective category pages.

Student life at TKK


The first autumn of university studies is coming to an end and I'm really getting into the student culture and traditions here at TKK. I added a couple of new entries in the vector art section. I've got some interesting projects going on and many ideas waiting to be realized so stay tuned for more additions.

Welcome to my new homepage


web, design, typography, 100e2r

The whole new look is based on The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard by Information Architects. The basic idea is that this is the standard font size meant for every browser and that extra white space is usually a good thing. As they so nicely put it in the article:There is nothing wrong with scrolling. Nothing at all. Just as there is nothing wrong with flipping pages in books.Also, from a designer's viewpoint web pages should be seen as user interfaces rather than just eye-candy. This makes designing much more challenging but also more rewarding as the result is a functional (and aestethically pleasing) tool for gathering information.

If you have any interest whatsoever in web design I recommend reading the article. At least it opened my eyes for a whole new perspective.

Recent work

Rails-doc / APIdock


rails, design, css

web design vector art
full size

In the summer of 2008 I worked at Nodeta in their first Summer of Rails project. As a user interface designer, I designed most of the graphics and visual elements for the site. During the project, I learned a lot about Rails and Javascript but also techniques familiar to me such as CSS and (X)HTML.

Rails-doc.org (screenshots: front page, documentation) was the first stage of our project and was created to make Ruby on Rails documentation more accessible. Later we added support for multiple projects and the website was changed to APIdock.com. Check out the Nodeta blog for updates and information on Nodeta's current and future projects.

Assembly '08: Can we join too?


vector, paint, assembly08

hand-made vector graphics
full size

Assembly combined their graphics competitions in 2008 so I had only one entry to work on. The characters and visual style are a parody of Team Fortress 2, an online fps game by Valve. The underlying vector outlines and shadows were preserved when painting to keep the crisp video game look. The entry package contains some pictures of unfinished stages. In the end I came 5th in the competition.

FDK final report


book layout

made for print
full size

As my first book layout job, this was a very good experience for me. During this project I had a chance to research the typography and layout details properly and work on a diverse but reasonably sized source text. Some sample pages: 34-35, 80-81 (total of 144 pages). FDK web site

ICML, UAI, COLT 2008 conferences


logos, web, visual identity

web design vector graphics made for print
full size

This poster is one example of the graphics I made for the three artificial intelligence conferences located in Helsinki in summer 2008. All three had to have some common visual elements and an individual color theme. In this project I designed various graphics, including logos, t-shirts, leaflets, book covers and information graphics for the events. website (screenshot)

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